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Epson T277 Series Continous Ink System WITH INK (for Epson XP-750 / XP-850 / XP-950)

Epson T277 Series Continous Ink System WITH INK (for Epson XP-750 / XP-850 / XP-950)

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This Continuous Ink System consists of a high-capacity ink reservoir (which comes with the equivalent amount of ink of 6-8 ink cartridges per color) that is attached to the cartridges via secure tubing. The tubing extracts ink from the reservoir and continuously keeps the cartridges full of ink. Because of the large reservoir capacity, you can print for an extended period of time without running low. There is a red line on the reservoir to indicate when it is time to refill. This system comes complete with easy-to-follow installation instructions, premium quality ink matched to OEM specifications, and all accessories needed to successfully use the system. The attached cartridges have a permanent smart chip already installed, which will automatically reset when you remove the cartridges for 10 seconds and then re-install them (without turning the printer off) WARNING: This Continuous Ink System is for use in thespecified printers mentioned in the product name only. Do not try using this system on any other printers as the installation may be too complicated, or the orientation of the ink cartridges may be different.

  • Refills: 40 to 45
  • Formula: UV Resistant

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