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Can $17.59
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Can $17.59

DuraFIRM 120ml Inkjet Ink Refill (Dye Ink) for Canon inkjet cartridges CL-31 / CL-41 / CL-51 / CL-211 / CL-241

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This is a 120ml bulk ink bottle for the Canon CL41 / CL51 cartridge. Premium quality Durafirm Technology ink, with more vibrant and archival inks that are more smudge resistant and UV resistant. Dedicated for the Canon CL-41 / CL-51 cartridge, you can expect exceptional print quality and page yield results.


  • Refills: 6 to 8
  • Shelf Life: 4 years
  • Formula: Dye
Item #: 110-316-01CYAN (Cyan)
110-316-01MAGENTA (Magenta)
110-316-01YELLOW (Yellow)