Universal Ink and Toner Marketing Support

Below you will find useful videos and guides designed to help our dealers, resellers and distributors understand the basics of printer cartridge refilling. If you would like to become a reseller for genuine Universal Inkjet and Universal Toner Refill products please contact us.

Part 1 - Universal Inkjet Refill System Introduction

Part 2 - General Inkjet Refilling Tips

Part 3 - When to Refill Your Inkjet Cartridge

Part 4A Different Types of Inkjet Cartridges to Refill

Part 4B How to Refill Black Sponge Type Cartridges

Part 4C How to Refill Color Sponge Type Cartridges

Part 4D How to Fill HP Bag Type Cartridges

Part 5 - How to Use the Universal Cartridge and Printhead Cleaner

Part 6 - Universal ColorFast Ink Quality Print Tests